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Day 2

Today I got out to the barn and introduced Raina to Renaissance. 🙂 Then I took him out and walked him all over the property and nothing bothered him a bit. I went and played with him in the roundpen for a while until Peggy and Debbie showed up to visit. I showed a bit of our stuff to the Supreme Camera Crew and should have some pictures and videos up soon courtesy of them 🙂


Yesterday, Ren viewed me as a friend. Today, he began viewing me as a leader. He is yielding from the slightest pressure. I desensitized him to all kinds of rope flipping and stick swingin and all that jazz and then sensitized him to yield his hindquarters, forequarters, back up, and sidepass. For those that know Parelli’s program, he moves from Phase 2! He’s getting very soft and its wonderful!

Next I introduced him to the rest of my herd, Topaz. Turns out Ren’s into the cougar chase! He’s flirting with her quite persistently! Lol Doesn’t he know that she has kids older than him?! 😛 Topaz gets along with him very well. Welcome to the herd Renaissance!

Welcome to the herd!

Since all was comfortable between the two of them, I took him out and ponied him around at all three gates on my wonder horse, Topaz. It helps to have absolute control of the feet of the horse I’m riding. It’s like they are my own feet. Like I said, Wonder Horse. Ren enjoyed getting the exersize that he got and I enjoyed that he got it without having to do mindless circles around the roundpen. He did so well with me way up above him. I even stood up on Topaz so I was WAY up there. Didn’t phase him a bit. 🙂

Ponying 🙂

After that, I tied him for the first time and he only got upset when he couldn’t follow me when I walked away. I was very pleased with how he did. 🙂

"Well maybe I'm just supposed to stand here.."

After that, I took him over to the wash rack and bathed him. He didn’t spook at the water at all! He played and splashed and drank out of the hose though! 🙂 Also didn’t spook at the fly spray. Now he’s clean and pest free! 🙂

Squeeky Clean!

I’m very pleased with how he did today. I’ll sure miss him this week when I’m gone in Mississippi but I can’t wait to see my sister and the new family! Hopefully Ren will put some weight on when I’m gone!

I’ll be back in a week to progress further! 🙂


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After a long weekend, I’m finally home as is my horse. I’ve named him Renaissance due to the fact that I hope to see myself go through an enlightenment and him through an artistic rebirth. 🙂 He’s making a home for himself up at Alamar.

We arrived at the Elm Creek adoption facility shortly after noon on Friday. I signed a few papers and we were off to load Ren. He was definately shocked to be pushed through a chute and have a halter thrown on his face and then thrown in the trailer. He reared a few times in the chute but calmed down quickly. Then as fast as we came, we went. It was odd to drive ten hours just for a 15 minute stop to turn right back around again! He was a bit nervous in the trailer to begin with but pretty soon he calmed down and realized that he wasn’t going to die!

Throwing a Halter OnFinally calming down a bit.

On our way to Fort Collins, we ran into some crazy weather! We hit some huge thunderheads and drove straight into a massive hail storm! The road became invisible and we had to put the truck in 4-wheel drive just to navigate it through the six inches–yes SIX INCHES– of hail that had accumulated in a matter of minutes. It was scary in the truck, I can’t imagine what it was like in the trailer!

Hail Storm!!

Once we got out of the worst of it, we made it fairly quickly to Fort Collins to watch the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition that was going on there. Ren was happy to get some water and some peace while we watched the events for the next day and a half…except he got his moment of excitement.

About half way through Saturday, I went to get him some water and was petting him a bit and he moved a little and bumped the back gate with his butt. Now that it was cracked open, he thought “Oh Boy! An open gate–I’m outta here!” So off he ran. Through the mud and the parking lot and around the arenas and all over the place until a few other people and I got him to run into a big open pen. Thank God we were at an Equine facility with random pens all over the place! And even luckier, there happened to be two round pens in this big open pen. So with the help of James and a very helpful guy named Todd, we got Ren into the roundpen. From then it was fairly easy to catch him so Todd played with him a bit in the roundpen while I rounded up Annie with the truck and trailer. Then with her tremendous backing skills, she backed the trailer through the mud right up to the roundpen and Todd led him right up into the trailer.

Trailering Part Two

I owe a million thanks to Todd for helping me out! Next time he sees Ren, he won’t have to chase him all over the place. 😛

Once that excitement was over, the rest of the day was very enjoyable….minus the soaked jeans and water in my boots. Watching the competition just got me more and more eager to get home and play with my horse. I already have crazy ideas for a freestyle routine brewing in my head. 🙂

The next morning we left for home. What a LONG drive! I spent most of my time sleeping!

When we got home, we backed the trailer really close to the stall and I led Ren out of the trailer and into his new home. Shortly after, I filled his stall with a bridge, barrel, cones, and all sorts of play things. Within a few minutes, he was boldly standing on the bridge and pushing the barrel around when I asked him to. It also helps that he is such a curious and playful horse! Also, I played with a little bit of advance and retreat and had him coming up to me and following me around like a puppy dog. I went ahead and took his halter and lead rope off of him since I could catch him…or rather, he can catch me… without it. 🙂 He allows me to pick up his feet and rub him all over. He is an absolute wonder. I was having so much fun with him, I just ignored the fact that it was pouring rain and continued to play with him. I love him to death already! I’m going to be a wreck when I have to get rid of him in three months. 😦

That's what you get for getting out of the trailer!...Love.

Tomorrow I’ll spend the day with him and see what happens! Every day is a new day


I love my Renaissance!

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