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Hello everyone, as the competition gets closer and closer it’s just about time to start thinking about my freesyle.

I have 3 minutes to display whatever Renaissance and I can do for the audience and judges.

The specific content of the routine will be kept secret until the competition due to the fact that it is a public blog and I’d like my routine to be as original as possible!

However I would like your opinion on the song to perform to!

Let me know what you think by clicking on the poll. For any elaboration or suggestions, comment!



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Day 44-46

Hello All,

I haven’t done a whole lot exciting with Ren in the past couple of days but Topaz and I have been making some great progress. She now bows while I’m on her and consistently canters off on the correct lead. 🙂

But this evening, my dad came out and took some pictures for my Young Rider article and here’s what he came up with…


Ren and I


The whole family 🙂


"These are a few of my favorite things!"


Soft eye.


Here, let me help you bring your nose to the ground so you can eat. 😛


Slightly less graceful, for now.


These Mustangs just can't be trained... NOT 😛


"I'll always love you, and make you happy, if you will only stay the same!"




Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

I’m heading to Snomass this weekend to take care of Karen’s horses while she flies up to Montana to do a clinic. I also get to play with her fabulous Andalusians. 🙂 I look forward to testing my communication skills with Bergante. Hopefully he thinks I’m as clear as I try to be! 🙂

I’ll be back Tuesday!

Tip of the Day:

Horses, by nature, are scared of anything new, different, sudden, or abrupt! This is something that no one can change. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to desensitize a horse to everything they’ll see in life. What you CAN do, is teach them to read your body and your emotions so instead of having any question about whether they should run away from something scary, they will mimick your body and figure “If my leader isn’t scared, I shouldn’t be scared.” You can exercise this by starting with little things and just show them that when your body is not portraying pressure, they shouldn’t feel pressure by whatever stimuli. This is the type of leadership that will “bombproof” your horse. By no means can you simply “desensitize” your horse to everything! The ideal behavior would be for when the horse gets scared for them to read whether you’re calm or ready to leave from a real threat. This helps your relationship as well as your horse’s nerves!

Have fun! Be smart! Be safe!


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