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Day 47-59

I know I know, another huge gap! I’m sorry! After coming home from Snowmass, I had to leave the next day for Las Vegas. I’m almost done with summer vacation and thus my vacations will soon come to an end. Which is especially good because I reeaally need to focus this last month with Renaissance so that we can WOW the judges and win!

Last night I continued driving Ren. He is such a pleasure to teach new things because even when he gets confused he doesn’t freak out. He just stops.

Today I got out there a little too late to beat the heat but I played with him a bit anyways. I noticed his feet were starting to get a little long looking so I filed them down to where they’re supposed to be.

(I would have pictures of the day if my phone hadn’t of died so soon. 😦  )

Then I took the bowing to the next level as I had him stay down for longer than he had before. He did really well with it. I think he’ll lay down by the competition but I make no promises.

He was quite energetic today as he’s been in a stall for entirely too long. He lost focus a couple times but I was able to bring his mind back on me.

I realized today that he is still a bit confused when it comes to steady pressure. This is an indication that I’ve been doing too much with rhythmic pressure and not enough steady. I’ll start changing that!

I also think that he needs to muscle up a bit more before the competition if we intend to get anywhere in the conditioning part of the competition. We’re going to start going on long trots together as often as possible! Especially now that his weight isn’t a problem! (He’s almost on the verge of getting fat!)

Again, sorry for the lack of pictures today! 😦

Tip of the Day:

Steady Pressure vs. Rhythmic Pressure. First of all, what the heck are these two things? When communication with a horse, there are two kinds of pressure we use: steady and rhythmic. Steady pressure is when we are making physical contact with the horse. Rhythmic is not touching. In nature, it is instinct for them to move away from Rhythmic pressure as that is the pressure used by other horses. Imagine a horse pinning his ears, moving closer, and biting if he needs to! This is Rhythmic pressure! Steady pressure, on the other hand, is meant to be pushed into in nature. Instinctually they need to push through steady pressure. Steady pressure is found when a horse is caught in something or a predator on their back. A horse has to push through that in order to survive! However when we domesticate these horses and begin training them, we use mostly steady pressure and expect them to move away from it. Think of the pressure on the poll from the halter or in the mouth from the bit. It is all too natural for them to want to push into that pressure rather than come away from the pressure. It is important to teach a horse to move away from both Rhythmic AND Steady pressure for optimum communication in every situation!

Have fun! Be smart! Be safe!

~Stephanie and Renaissance


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